Losers Queue in Lol: Learn About It

People who play League of Legends arguing a lot about the famed losers queue in Lol. People in the top ranks made up this phrase because they thought Riot Games paired them with friends who weren’t doing well after a run of losses. In order to explain losing runs, this was meant to put the blame on outside factors instead of player skill. Riot Phroxzon, who is in charge of making games at Riot Games, has now come forward to answer the long-standing question.

Losers Queue in Lol: “Losers Queue” in League of Legends is the background.

People who play League of Legends have been talking about the idea of a “losers queue” for a while now. Riot puts players on teams with people who don’t do as well after a string of losses, so it’s pretty much a sure thing that they will lose more. There are strong feelings among the players about this belief. Some are sure it is true, while others say it is just a myth.

Losers Queue in Lol: Last but not least, the lead engineer makes things clear.

It was Riot Phroxzon who bravely said, “Losers queue doesn’t exist,” putting an end to the rumours. Rest assured, we won’t sabotage your team by adding poorly performing members and causing more losses. This sentence was meant to put an end to the myth for good and show people how the matching system really works.

Losers Queue in Lol: Getting a look at how matchmaking really works

Riot Phroxzon said that Riot Games only pairs people up based on their grade to explain how matches are made. This means that the system doesn’t put together players with lower win rates to make other players lose. “If you’ve won a lot and start losing, it’s because you’re playing against better players and aren’t at that level anymore,” said Riot Phroxzon. The main developer made it clear that the method for matching people is fair and doesn’t hurt anyone.

Two or more points of view: what’s really at stake?

Instead of debunking the “losers queue” lie, Riot Phroxzon talked about a more important issue: how people who play ranked games think. He stated, “I mainly wanted to make this post because in the process of helping people debug their accounts, there’s so many people who legitimately believe we’re putting them in loser’s queue that it’s driving me crazy.” Players shouldn’t put the blame on other people or things for their bad play. Instead, they should work on themselves and keep a positive attitude.

Getting rid of the myth

And finally, Riot Games’ lead developer’s comment should end the talk about League of Legends’ “losers queue.” Riot Games says that the way players match is suppose to be fair. Based on player scores, not on purpose putting some players on weaker teams. When players move up in the ranked scene, they shouldn’t blame outside factors for losses. Instead, they should keep a positive mood and work on getting better. After reading this, League of Legends players should have a better idea of how the AGENGACOR system works in the game.